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Commercial Real Estate Tax

Property taxes on commercial real estate are among the highest annual expense you are likely to incur. As a commercial property tax owner, it is important to protest your valuation every year so your value stays in line and your expenses remain at a minimum.

At, we use our thorough understanding of every allowable appraisal method (income, cost and market approach) to ensure that all properties are uniformly and equally appraised which lets us maximize your tax savings.

Business Personal Property

Texas Property Code mandates that Business Personal Property (BPP) be rendered annually. By definition, BBP includes “items that can be owned, but are not attached to the land”; essentially, property that is used to produce income. Your BPP value can have a significant impact on your bottom line. However, the IRS and your local County Appraisal District uses different methods and schedules to assign values to your BPP.

At, we understand how your county depreciation schedules are applied to different types of equipment and inventory. We also have a working knowledge of county depreciation schedules and know how to interpret and classify them as necessary to ensure a correctly rendered BPP for you.

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