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eTax Reporting

Our proprietary, password protected online tax reporting system, called eTax Reporting, gives you 24/7 access to everything you want to know about your property’s tax status. All client-provided and county appraisal district-provided information is entered into this database so we — and you — can track and monitor each and every detail about your property, all in one secure place. You can easily print our reports, too.

We update our database daily to reflect your portfolio changes as well as the latest-known assessment information including notification and results of

eTax Reporting is for clients with 3 or more accounts in their portfolio. Sign up for our services today. Call us at 281-957-9600 or email us to get started.

How eTax Reporting Works (it’s as easy as 1-2-3)

1. Once you’ve signed up for our services (via a simple phone call or email to us requesting service), you’ll receive a form to help you gather and provide us with pertinent information about your property, such as the property name, type address, acreage, tax account number, etc.

2. consultants will then enter your information into our database and assign you a unique, secure username and password, which you can share within your organization as you see fit. (For additional security, the password can be changed at any time upon request.)

3. With your username and password, simply login to eTax Reporting for total access to your property’s tax information. Just select the property you want to review and the reports appear.

See for yourself.

Our secure eTax Reporting system gives you unparalleled 24/7 access to:

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