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Residential Real Estate Tax

Have you noticed that every year, your residential property taxes continue to increase? It’s possible that your property taxes are being based on incorrect information. can help!

As one of the largest property tax consulting firms in Houston, can save you time and money by protesting on your behalf. We use neighborhood sales, comparable assessments and physical/functional conditions to argue the case for a reduction in taxable value.

Case in Point

More often than you may realize, the county bases its property tax assessments on incorrect information. Inaccurate square footage based on building plans or sketches and condition/desirability/utility (CDU) levels can result in unequal appraisals. Remodeling code errors can also result in excessive property tax fees.

We have the experience and know-how to properly prepare a uniform and equal analysis to ensure that your property is fairly and accurately assessed alongside a reasonable number of appropriately adjusted comparable properties.

Put the experts at to work for you. We can ensure you pay the least required by law and make sure your assessment is correct year after year. We have:


The process is clear and proven. We will: